Canal Holidays in England

The canals of England were once the lifeline of the great industrial ages of the 18th and 19th centuries. Connecting towns and cities, providing transport of goods and bringing much need employment to the heart of the country. Today theses wonderful canals offer holiday makers a unique chance to experience England’s majestic countryside. They weave a dazzling passage through some of the most scenic areas of the country and attract thousands of visitors every year. A barging holiday is something unforgettable. It allows you to forge a relationship with the past, the delightful landscape which is full of life and colour and the many charming villages and towns along the way. Barging offers a relaxing and special way to see things from a completely different perspective and provides the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with family or friends.

Our Barging breaks are located on some of the most spectacular routes in England including the Kenneth & Avon Canal with the beautiful and historic city of Bath, the Stratford- upon- Avon Canal taking you through Shakespeare country and the Trent & Mersey Canals with their pretty villages, castles and famous theme park. Please use our search engine to find your perfect narrow-boat, we have been providing waterway holidays for years and will guide you every step of the way. One thing can be said for every waterway break we offer, that is you will have a fantastic time, so enjoy.

The Kenneth & Avon Canal

The Kenneth & Avon Canal is one of the most popular choices in England. It connects the Bristol channel with the River Thames and gently meanders its way through some captivating countryside including the southern areas of the Cotswold’s. The canal is architecturally stunning and the aqueducts at Avon-cliff and Dundas are great examples of this. Another dramatic part of the route is passing through the extraordinary Avon Gorge. The most popular section of the canal is undoubtedly the route connecting Bristol with the ancient city of Bath. Both cities offer a lot to see and do but Bath is a particular favourite with visitors. The city is full of spectacular Georgian architecture and of course the Roman Baths. Bristol however offers a different yet equally compelling experience with its Floating Harbour Marina and rich maritime history.

Stratford upon Avon Canal

Perfect for relaxing, this beautiful canal is full of character and charm and offers a great opportunity to get away from it all. There are 14 locks and plenty of pubs and restaurants along the way. This is of course, ‘Shakespeare country’ and you can cruise south to enjoy the scenery towards Evesham and Tewkesbury alternatively you can cruise north to Birmingham where you can enjoy the atmosphere in the city which is also known as the City of Canals. A visit to Warwick with its historical castle is also an option.

Trent/ Mersey Canals

This is a great place to start you holiday and along the way you will come across stately homes, beautiful gardens, parks and castles. Cruising north you will meet the Caldon Canal where you can travel to Froghall, from here the famous Alton Towers Theme Park is just a few miles away and this is a great day out for the family. The Caldon Canal is full of nature and wildlife and is not too full with hire boat making it a very peaceful escape. Stoke on Trent, the home of Potteries offers an interesting visit also and further north you will pass through the Harecastle tunnel but beware of the ghosts, a headless woman and a white horse have been spotted many times wandering through its late evening shadows.

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