The Canal Du Midi


The Canal du Midi area is rich in history. During your cruise, you will observe many little and typical villages that we encourage you to discover. This return cruise starts in the beautiful medieval town of Castelnaudary and will take you along the canal travelling from lock to lock through a number of stunning and friendly French towns until you reach the wonderful town of Trèbes. This cruise offers visits to ancient ruins, lush vineyards and grand châteaux. It is the perfect location for a relaxing and unwinding through the lazy French countryside where you can let yourself go and enjoy every hour of the most popular canal cruise in Europe.

Length: 7-14 days

Where to visit:


Know as the Capital of the Casserole as the dish was first served here. Make sure to order it in one of the towns many restaurants. You can explore the Grand Bassin which is the largest body of water on the Canal du Midi and is spectacular in beauty.


This is a small but lovely little village with good moorings available. You can visit the 14th century church and explore the town at your own pace, there are some very nice restaurants to enjoy also and a popular scenic bike trail along the canal if you are in the mood for some activity.


Bram is a beautiful countryside town surrounded by a vineyard. The town is built in a fortified medieval circular style with many of the building surrounding the church. The ruins of many castles can be seen on the hilltops surrounding the town which is only a short walk from the mooring points. There are some nice café’s and restaurant here also and the place has a real easy feel to it.


The first thing you will see is the beautiful bridge crossing the river near the mooring points. The town is famous for its parish abbey which is an historic monument and is worth visiting. What makes the town unique is a tree which is planted in front of the church, it is a big old elm and is one of the last in France.


This is one of the most popular stopping points along the Canal and there are many good reasons for this. It is known the world over as one of the largest and most unmissable fortified medieval towns in Europe. It is spectacular in beauty and compelling to explore. You can walk its huge ancient walls and take in the stunning views of the surrounding valley. The town is one of France’s most stunning locations and attracts visitors from all over the world. Another fantastic attraction in Carcassonne is of course the The Romanesque and Gothic Basilica St. Nazaire which dates back to the 11th century and is impressive to visit. The Raymond Chesa Lesuire is also a lovely place to visit and contains a miniature golf course, a forest adventure park and some charming picnic area’s. Carcassonne is a wonderful place to visit and is one of the jewels on the Canal du Midi so do spend some time here and enjoy your stay.

The pretty town of Trèbes is full of lovely restaurants and is a great place to relax and unwind. The people are very welcoming and the place is ususaly buzzing with pleasure craft users. There are plenty of mooring points and the church 14th century Saint-Etienne is worth visiting.


Magnifique (Sleeps up to 10 people)

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Caprice (Sleeps up to 6 people)

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Lake Star (Sleeps up to 6 people)

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Shannon Star (Sleeps up to 8 people)

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Consul (Sleeps up to 4 people)

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Classique (Sleeps up to 8 people)

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Elegance (Sleeps up to 6 people)

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Crusader (Sleeps up to 6 people)

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Corvette (Sleeps up to 4 people)

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The Canal Du Midi

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