Norfolk Broads Boating Holidays

A boating holiday on the majestic Norfolk Broads offers a wonderful experience for all the family. Here you will find some of the most amazing scenery in the entire United Kingdom. On your Norfolk Broads cruise you will find a vast array of interesting attractions, inviting restaurants, fun water sporting activities and adventure for all ages. Boating on the Norfolk Broads is definitely one of the most relaxing and stress free holiday destinations in Britain.


Norfolk Broads Cruises

The Norfolk Broads is perfect for a boating holiday, no matter which cruising option you select, you will easy find that the broads offers easy access to plenty of historic and beautiful market towns all with their own unique charm and a friendly welcome is always guaranteed. From enchanting forest walks to busting high streets full of music and country life, boating on the Norfolk Broads is the only way to explore and fall in love with this special corner of timeless Britannia.


Norfolk Broads History

Norfolk Broads are divided up into six separate rivers, all connected and ranging from the popular city of Norwich in the west to Great Yarmouth on the eastern coast. The total 117 square mile area has over 200 km of navigable waterways and is designated as a special area of protection, similar to Britain’s national parks. Originally the Broads were thought to have been natural features of the landscape however in the 1960’s Dr Joyce Lambert found that they were artificially flooded during medieval peat excavations which supplied fuel to the growing cities of Norwich and Great Yarmouth. During the period from 17th up until the early 20th centuries the Broads served as a vital means of transporting goods throughout the region and thriving towns. Several canals and countless mooring points were added contributing to the overall development. It was only from the 1930’s that the famous Broads took on it current recreational use, becoming one of the most renowned and popular boating locations in the world.

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